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Unlike other audit companies, we don't have a standard product to which you can subscribe. The audit list; stores; data captured; and audit frequency is set by the client, ensuring that we meet your exact requirements, whilst keeping the cost to a minimum. Although both the audit data and the means of reporting vary, most clients have two main areas of interest.

No one can be unaware of the pressure on retail price. The major mults continue to drive prices down in their efforts to offer greater value to the customer and so increase market share. As Wal-Mart has a greater influence on Asda, this pressure can only increase. By auditing retail price at store level, we can help manufacturers to understand how their products are priced in comparison to their competitors, and to track the retail price of individual brands against the sector as a whole, or against other market categories. By better understanding when the retailers and your competitors are taking price increases, you can adjust your own pricing strategy to maximise profitability across the range. Sometimes reference to an alternative market can give an insight, and justification for taking a price increase which might otherwise be resisted.

It was once said "Half the money spent on Advertising is wasted - if only you knew which half!", this is even more true of promotional activity. Often, manufacturers make a large promotional investment with little assurance that they are obtaining the agreed activity at store level. Our promotional audit typically measures the level of distribution; POS material; off-shelf feature; location of display activity; space within a gondola end; and any shippers or side stacks. As we also provide information on competitor activity, you can analyse the level of promotional investment which you are making Vs your competitors at brand and category level, as well as obtaining a better understanding of the accounts and mechanics which your competitors are favouring. If you then overlay volume data or market share information with the promotional evaluation index, you can begin to monitor the effectiveness of different promotional mechanics within different accounts.